Tuesday, June 7, 2016


My epithet wasn't necessarily taken too seriously, as my story was made to be more of a sarcastic, comic tale rather than full of tragedy.

Goddess of knowledge and wisdom
Tell the tale of the great hero
Her name of grace and beauty
And her past full of agony and misfortune
Connecting to the land of the Dead
How she is “mother” to many
And will protect her “children”
To her death
Teach me to be a noble person
Like the Great Amada

Ashlee T.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hope Starts

In this piece I was hoping to portray the hopeful theme of the novel The Death Cure as well as the the theme of a new and fresh start. For this piece I want to improve on utilizing the literary devices and the imagery created by the author to emphasize the theme of the novel.

When he set foot outside, he had to stop and stare. They’d come to a place he’d been told didn’t exist anymore. Lush and green and full of vibrant life. He stood at the top of a hill above a field of tall grass and wildflowers. The two hundred or so people they’d rescued wandered the area, some of them actually running and jumping. To his right the hill descended into a valley of towering trees that seemed to stretched for miles, ending in a wall of rocky mountains that jutted toward the cloudless blue sky. To his left, the grassy field slowly became scrub brush and then sand. And then the ocean, its waves big and dark and white-tipped as they crashed onto a beach.Paradise. They’d come to paradise. He could only hope that one day his heart would feel the joy of the place.A few hours later, Thomas sat atop a cliff overlooking the ocean, his feet dangling over the edge. The sun had almost dipped below the horizon, which appeared to be glowing with flames. It was one of the most amazing sights he’d ever witnessed.It’ll be a good start.

Vasti R.

Future Me Essay- Ashlee Tox- Lewis

I wrote this completely honestly about my experience at Beckman. This writing was more in a negative light, and if I could improve upon it I would make it more fair.

Dear Ashlee,
This year was a challenge. Coming from an entirely new school district and knowing no one at all. To be completely honest, I hated it. I hated having to start over. The fact that I felt so alone and scared to speak due to my anxiety in every class was quite a different way for me to act from my usual outgoing self. Most of the time I still struggle immensely with being able to speak in class, so much that I consider ditching school just so I don’t have to. I liked that the teachers cared, and didn't just give us work for no reason. I didn’t particularly like the people my age at this school. I’ve never been in a place where people judged me simply because of where I came from, and it was an uncomfortable feeling. I’m hoping that by this time next year, I don’t become anxious in doing anything at school. I also hope that others are less judgemental towards people like me.

Academically, I expect to learn how to do truly advanced essays, because writing is not really my strong suit, and it will show more next year as I cannot simply slack off and not be noticed. I hope that I can more actively participate in a more comfortable environment where I don't feel judged. I’m hoping to try out for a sport again next year, as I enjoyed being in water polo and being part of something. It caused me to somewhat get out of my shell.  I don’t necessarily know whether or not I’ll continue being at this school, but the lessons and friends I earned will stay with me. By the end of this year, I can't necessarily say this was the best year of my life, but I can say I have no regrets.

Sincerely, Ashlee

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Jocelyn Hill- Reflective Essay

Reflective Essay

This past school year has challenged me in ways I have never experienced in all my years of school. Throughout the year I have juggled playing two sports, multiple honors classes, and social activities and gained experience necessary to carry me towards my future. More specifically, my time spent in English 1 Honors has taught me a lot about cooperating with others, staying organized, and helped me improved my writing. The challenges I have faced and experiences I have gained have taught me a lot about my own studying methods and work habits.
One critical skill I developed this year from my experiences in English 1 Honors is the ability to be part of a team collaborating on a project. From meeting in writing groups monthly to working on group presentations for Romeo and Juliet scenes, I came to understand that group projects do not have to be as difficult as I previously thought. Before this year, I would consistently assume that everyone else in my group would slack off or do their part wrong, but now I know that is not always the case. By learning to give other group members space to do their part and allowing them to add their own ideas, I have become a more cooperative team member and not just push my own agenda.
My experiences in this class have also taught me the importance of keeping my work organized. Having an orderly, easy-to-access folder in Google Drive and daily agendas on Haiku helped me to see just how effective organization can be. Google Drive allowed me to be able to find the files and work I needed with great ease, rather than losing important assignments. The daily agendas helped me understand exactly what quality of work Mrs. Lam expected of me each day in class, so even if I missed a day, I could find out what work I needed to catch up on. Both of this tools proved to be incredibly useful technologies, and I realized that by organizing my work for all other classes, I could easily keep track of my assignments and stay on top of my work.
Along with learning to work as a member of a team and utilizing organizational skills, my own quality of writing has greatly increased. As a student in this class, I have had several opportunities to write about a variety of subjects, such persuasive essays, poetry, and response to literature pieces. Practicing different writing methods has not only allowed me to become a more well-rounded writer, but it has also given me chances to enhance my abilities to analyze the books I read. I learned how to write fluently and eloquently in multiple styles of writing, like in response to literature essays and writing my own “invocation to the muse” for The Odyssey. The class novels we read also gave me the chance to understand how authors implement tools like figurative language and themes in their writing so I could do the same in my own writing.
Overall, my freshman year taught me many useful skills for the rest of my time in school and in the future. Despite the obstacles I faced with a difficult amount of homework and challenging teachers, I managed to make it to the end with better teamwork, organization, and writing skills. English 1 Honors has significantly improved my abilities to collaborate with others, sort out my work, and write in various styles. I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained as a result of this class and hope to succeed in next year’s English class, whatever challenges it may bring.

-Jocelyn H.

Kyle Lee Future Me Letter

Give your piece a title. Write a 1-2 sentence reflective introduction to your written piece (discuss the subject, your goals for writing the piece and how you'd like to improve the piece or what makes you proud of the piece) Paste the written piece here. End w/ your First Name and Last Initial.

This writing is a letter from myself as a freshman to the future me during sophomore year.

Dear future Kyle,
You are probably crying and stressing so much about finals, especially Pre-Calculus and World History. How many B’s do you have right now? And how is Chemistry? Is it easier than Biology or is it harder? I hope you have learned a lesson during freshman year, and that you are managing your time well and not procrastinating just like how I am procrastinating right at this moment. I also pray that you are sleeping well and not facing all-nighters too often.
How are you doing with all your friends? Have you made any new friends lately? What about your old friends? Hopefully they are all supporting you and you are supporting them by giving gratitude as well. I also hope that you are happy and have a positive attitude throughout your whole day. Even though it may be rough, just try to stay optimistic at all times.
I am honestly pretty nervous and curious for my sophomore year with all the hard classes, sports, and other activities. I hope that you stay alive and that you will never ever give up. Freshman year went by too fast and I did not notice how fast time passes by until now. During Sophomore year, I will make sure that I never procrastinate and actually get some sleep. If you are having a really hard time, just know that life is unfair and just hard. It is a part of life, so we need to stand strong and just keep moving forward. As time passes by, life will only get worse and worse, so stop complaining and screaming because it won’t help at all. I hope you won’t commit suicide and get through high school safely with good grades.

Kyle Lee

Friday, June 3, 2016

Future me letter

Give your piece a title. Write a 1-2 sentence reflective introduction to your written piece (discuss the subject, your goals for writing the piece and how you'd like to improve the piece or what makes you proud of the piece) Paste the written piece here. End w/ your First Name and Last Initial.

This letter was a reflection on my freshman year. I hope to read this when i'm older and know I accomplished my goals.

June 2, 2016
Dear Gabby,
At the moment, I am very excited to be a sophomore next year. My freshman year has been great, and I have been through many experiences that I have enjoyed. This year I loved to attend Beckman and learn about many different things. I’ve felt like being student at Beckman is like being part of a big family. I hope I can enjoy all my years at Beckman like this year.
I learned things about academics, friendship, athletics, and work habits. In academics I have learned so many new concepts that will help be in my future academic life. I have learned it helps to challenge yourself by taking honors classes. For example, I took Biology honors; although I find it hard, when I work and study hard I get good grades. I was able to finish both semesters with an A. My work habits have also improved. I know procrastinating will not help me in any way, so I will not struggle with it in sophomore year. Also, I have improved my organization skills. Keeping all your work organized for all my classes has helped me turn in all my assignments on time.What the only thing I hated about school is waking up in the morning and the load of homework. Next year, I expect more homework, yet I know I will learn about many things. I am excited to challenge myself with honors classes once again.
Since I joined ASPCA and made the board for next year, I am excited to be participating in that club. I will  be able meet new friends being part of it too. Also, I plan to play basketball for all four years. I will make next year a successful year by using all the skills I have learned this year.

Gabby Vera

Future Me Letter- Ben K.

The subject of the piece is to reflect on this school year, and what I hope to learn next year. My goals were to see what my weaknesses were, and to be more involved at Beckman, What makes me proud of the piece is seeing what I need to personally work on my sophomore year can be a success.

Future Me Letter 

At the beginning of the school year, I always had the same feeling I had about a new school year, which is like uggghhhhhhh. What I loved about this school year was getting an exposure to what high school will be like and meeting new people. What I hated about this school year was not getting pleasant test scores and grades I wanted. Therefore, I had to study more and prepare more effectively, which took most of my time. As a result, I didn’t like it, but after a while I got used to it. The thing I hated most were most of the teachers, but some teachers were okay. Next year, I expect to learn more life lessons, and how to be more open. Hopefully next year, I will be less lazy, so I can join a sport, join clubs, and make more friends. I will make next year better than this year by not procrastinating, and not taking “short breaks” while studying. In conclusion, I need to stop procrastinating and being lazy, so I can be more successful in life.

Ben K,